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Written and Performed By Those With Dementia For Those With Dementia

Deepness Dementia Arts are a collective of talented, visionary creatives, producing, among other things, plays that deal with dementia. We're here to dispel the stigma around the disease – that a person living with dementia cannot think for themselves, make their own decisions, retain their autonomy and live their own lives. Through the plays shown below, you'll see the passion, the creativity and the drama that those with dementia can bring to the stage. If you'd like to experience some of these plays in-person, you're in luck! The Deepness Dementia Arts Festival in Edinburgh is slated for November 2024, where you can enjoy them for yourself.




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We're always looking for new acts, performances and plays that deal with dementia to take to the stage. Contact the team today to find out more and get involved. If you have dementia or are a supporter of someone who does, attendance is free, too!

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Technology & Dementia

As a group, we passionately believe in the use of technologies as an enabling force within the field of dementia and are currently writing a guide for using Alexa (the Amazon AI) entitled “Alexa and Me.” This will be available soon. Perhaps our greatest challenge to date has been the development and production of our one-act (soon to be 2 acts) play that deals with dementia; “Caught in This Moment of Time” performed by our very own semi-professional Theatre Company, called the Demented Poets Society. They are semi-professional, in that many of the people, both acting and behind the scenes, have:

  • Been On-stage
  • Directed
  • Stage Managed
  • Danced
  • Been technicians in their working lives

Some still work, others have retired some have memory problems some don't but all are committed to creating a way of changing peoples' perception of the disease through performances of plays that deal with dementia. We have had a public read through of part of the 2nd act, as part of the Faclan Book Festival, on the isle of Lewis, which you'll see below.

 interpretive dance during a performance of caught in this moment of time

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Deepness Dementia Arts Festival is gearing up for November 2024. We're always looking for new acts, plays, films, musicians and other creatives to get involved and share their talent! The best news? If you have dementia or are a family member or supporter of someone who does, it's completely free!

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