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Since 2021, Deepness Dementia Arts has been creating short films about dementia. These include a variety of bold new stories, told by those with dementia and those who work with those that do. Other films are constantly in production, so keep your eyes peeled to find out more about them right here. The films below are available to view online but, if you'd prefer a different, more interactive experience, many of these films will also be screened at the Deepness Dementia Arts Festival in Edinburgh, in November 2024. Screenings will be accompanied by topical conversation, surrounded by like-minded people. The festival will also feature live stage performances, poetry, painting workshops and other creative endeavours as we celebrate the passion and capability of those who live with dementia.



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Deepness Dementia Arts Festival is gearing up for November 2024. We're always looking for new acts, plays, films, musicians and other creatives to get involved and share their talent! The best news? If you have dementia or are a family member or supporter of someone who does, it's completely free!

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