Short Films About Dementia from our creative hub


The Restful Place

“The Restful Place” addresses the difficult topic of death, Ron’s ‘exit plan’ and the complications of that with Dementia.  more  

Home Comforts

“Home Comforts” is a bolder discussion of Ron’s health complications with Dementia  more  

The Wobbly Dog

The first of three bold conversations...  more  

The Consultant

A short film created during the Lockdown that explores an all-too-common experience for those with dementia...  more  

Being the Dementia Poet’s Daughter

Being the Dementia Poets Daughter is a film written and filmed by Francesca Taylor Coleman, about her feelings about her father diagnoses of dementia when she was only 14 years old...  more  

Lost in Stornoway

“Lost in Stornoway” is a short film about a person with dementia disappearing on a trip to a local Café.  more