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Here, you'll see the Arts through the eyes of people living with dementia. We're always looking forward to getting started on the next project – the one we're most excited about is a big one! Deepness Dementia Arts Festival in Inverness will showcase the best of music, theatre, poetry and film, all produced by those diagnosed with dementia. We're here to dispel stigma – just because you've received the diagnosis, that doesn't have to stop you from making the most of life and expressing your creativity! We also want to draw your attention to three projects we're working on currently.

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Deepness Dementia Arts Festival Inverness 2023

Scheduled for 13th - 16th November 2023, Deepness Dementia Arts Festival in Inverness is a week-long festival celebrating the very best creative minds. Every performance, act and song is written, directed and performed by people living with dementia. Find out more and get involved today!

The Festival 

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Musical Theatre

Feature: Dementia – The Musical

AKA “The Ballad of the Dementia Activists,” Dementia: The Musical is a piece of dystopian science fiction, set in the near-future. The lives of people living with dementia are closely controlled and oppressed, with who they can see, where they can go and what they can do decided for them at all times. The full production is in development, with a Scottish tour planned for Spring 2023.

More Musical Theatre 

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Feature: Caught in This Moment of Time

A humorous and deeply moving single-act play about one man's attempts to use Alexa to retain his autonomy, despite being diagnosed with dementia. Each performance is followed by a Q&A with the writer and cast, to address the issues examined in the piece.


More Plays 


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In addition to our other creative outlets, we're avid film-makers, too. View our short film collection at the link below. Every piece has been made by or in collaboration with people with dementia, their families and supporters. Fancy a look?

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Other Activities

There's always something going on with Deepness Dementia Arts – festivals in Inverness, local plays, painting workshops, poetry recitals and more. To keep up-to-date on all the goings-on, just visit the link below. If you sign up to our mailing list, you'll get updates whenever there's news!

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Deepness Dementia Arts Festival In Inverness is gearing up for November 2023. We're always looking for new acts, plays, films, musicians and other creatives to get involved and share their talent! The best news? If you have dementia or are a family member or supporter of someone who does, it's completely free!

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