Poem - Paths by John scotter




In the ebb and flow of life's endless tide,
We cross paths with many souls beside.

Some stay a while, while others depart,
But all leave an imprint on our heart.

The moments we share, however brief,
Are like threads that weave a tapestry of belief,
That human lives are interwoven in ways,
That bring forth beauty and golden rays.

A touch, a smile, a simple hello,
Can make a heart sing and sadness go,
For in the midst of life's trials and pain,
Human connections bring healing again.

In every life, there are moments of gold,
When two lives meet and hearts unfold,
Creating a memory that will forever stay,
As a shining beacon on life's long way.

So let us cherish the moments we share,
With each other, showing love and care,
For in the end, it is these moments we see,
That make life truly rich and free.